The Stick We Beat Each Other With

The easiest way to discuss this title:

Carol and Anne walk into a coffee shop, they get their Americanos and most possibly pumpkin spice latte. Carol was wearing an “LBD” and Anne was wearing ripped Good American jeans and a white tank top. They converse and here are some unapologetically uncensored “excerpts” of this conversation.

“I can’t believe she’s wearing that”

“She’s such a slut”

“Why’s he with her”

“Why is she always PMS-ing”

“Stop being such a girl”

Don’t be Carol. Don’t be Anne. Just stop. Let’s stick to the old saying, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Learn to respect each other. If you don’t respect her, then just swallow your pride and realize that you can easily be the better person. Don’t slut-shame, hormone-shame, shame of any kind- let her be. Be the better person. Defend each other. Pick each other up. Protect each other. Honor each other. Venerate each other. Be proud of each other. We have enough obstacles to jump, don’t add another “pole” we have to jump over.

I understand and upload the #HeForShe and the #SheForHe, but before any of that, we need some #SheForShe


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