This is Hillary.

The words of Andrew Mayzack inspired me. So bear with me while we talk about this for just a minute. Especially for all women who are very disheartned right now and all the men who are in strong need of a role model. Let’s just forget all the scandals for a minute, because even if you loathe her, you should respect her.

This is a Yale-educated law professor, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State who:

-Endured 25 years of smear campaigns from her own party as well as other parties.
-Lost the Electoral College by 80,000 votes. That’s it. 80,000.
-Won the popular vote by 3 million votes, the largest ever difference between the electoral and popular vote in the history of american politics.
-Attended her opponent’s inauguration, with poise and dignity to show that America can.
-Received no handshake from Trump, recieved no sort of indication of appreciation.
-Was booed by the crowd when she appeared, and still walked with poise and a smile.

And… LOOK at her. Polished and confident, wearing white for the Suffragettes, her husband, an ex POTUS, taking *her* arm instead of the other way around.

Symbolism matters.

Perseverance matters.

Feminism matters.

Standing up for what you believe in matters. 

Proving those who don’t believe in you wrong matters.

She matters.

We all matter. 

This is the godmother of New America, a rational, pragmatic, imperfect human being who was born 50 years too early for her gender to be a non-issue in an election. “Women were white before they were women” is the same rhetoric that she heared when asked why so many women had voted for Trump. She, however, did not see anyone except herself as a savior- a knight in shining armor.

While she missed the presidency, she arrived just in time to show us all, in unflinching terms, the deep undercurrent of sexist double standards in our society.

And in doing so, she taught generations of girls and women that yes, you DO matter and yes, you CAN do anything.

This is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, showing us “Hope not fear”.

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