I’m a woman, what’s your superpower?

So today was the infamous #womensmarch and it’s been absolutely spectacular to watch. This is a shout out to people, do not underestimate our power- our generation had the largest inaugural (might I add, peaceful) protest in history. This matters. We matter. You matter. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people, not objects to be grabbed. Our bodily autonomy, our right to enjoy the workplace and our home, our determination for equality- these are rights we all deserve.

There is a large difference in “being American” and “standing for the values America stands for”.We should believe that sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry have NO place in this country. But this isn’t about just America, this is about the world.

This is about so many men trying to tell women what to do about their bodies. This is about a nation that was built by immigrants, now telling them to get out. This is about white people telling people of color that their feelings aren’t real. This is all a result of education. Take a look at history. Black history, women’s history, the history of let’s say…Japan- these are all electives, they’re not part of what students are taught.

So from all of us “nasty women” here’s a little guide.

If you’re a man- support us, but never pretend you understand what we go through. Don’t tell us if you’re pro-choice or pro-life, these are our decisions based on our bodies.

If you’re white- don’t just assume you know everything about being a person of color, you don’t, you may not have “power” but you do have privilege. You have privilege in a system that systematically oppresses people of color, even if often it oppresses you. Fight for us, defend us- tell them they’re wrong when they assume things about us, tell us they’re wrong when they insult Michelle Obama.

If you don’t have any mental disorders- don’t pretend you understand what someone with clinical depression or anxiety is going through- truth is, neither of us will ever understand till we’ve gone through it.

If you’re a “workaholic”- don’t judge a woman or man who would rather stay at home and take care of their children, that’s their decision and their choice.

If you don’t wear a hijab- good for you, but don’t judge them. Don’t tell them they’re oppressed because more often than not they’re the ones who want to do it. Making someone take off something they see as part of their character, their tradition, their identity is oppression. It is oppression to tell women not to wear something (whether it’s a burqa or a bikini), let others be.

If you’re pro-life- great, just don’t force your views on others, you don’t have to get an abortion but that doesn’t mean you can stop someone else from doing so. Stop telling people they’re evil or dehumanizing people because they chose to do something that you wouldn’t do. It’s not your decision what someone else does with their body.

If you’re not a sexual assault survivor- don’t try to fathom what they went through, you will never be able to understand yet alone comprehend the pain and shock they go through. Don’t blame them. Don’t say it’s because she’s so flirty, he shouldn’t have been drinking, her skirt was too short etc. Don’t blame the victim, blame the person (if we can even call it that) who thought it was okay to force themselves on someone.

If you’re a man of color- support each other, support your women, show them the love and respect you show your mothers. Show us the love

If you’re a white man- we’re not trying to enrage you when we say white male privilege, it exists- for example, to be president, Obama had to be diplomatic, extremely well-educated, have a career in public service, come from an excellent background, be well-spoken, respectful to all, have absolutely no scandals during his presidency and then compare that to Trump and you know what I’m talking about. When a white man shoots up a black church, his faith is never questioned, he isn’t linked to ISIS, there is never any question of “every white person should denounce this act of terrorism” because it’s assumed you all do (something Muslim people don’t get the privilege of because when there’s a terrorist attack, all eyes are on them)


If you’re human- please just learn to love each other and respect each other. Be compassionate, show empathy, don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes- or even a few steps. Everyone has problems whether its’ depression or facing racism every single day, what kind of world would it be if no one helped each other out once in a while? Fight for rights, not just your own but for others- for those who can’t fight right now.

Thank you, I respect all those who don’t agree with me, but at the same time, I ask that you respect our opinions too and stay woke.


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