Skin, meet Ovaries.

Hey there ladies,
So this one is about your skin and its’ relationship to our favourite friend who visits every single month (well unless you have PCOD of course, like me!)

On the average, let’s say the cycle lasts for 28 days

Day 1 to 4: your skin will be greasy and acne prone, dark circles are likely right now and your skin is most susceptible to allergies at the time. This is the best time to get in that new year’s resolution exercise and sauna steams! Unclog your system and tone afterwards! I’ve been obsessed with Son & Park Beauty Water (best toner I swear!)

Day 5 to Day 10: your skin is likely to be dry or flaky so increase your water intake as well as krill or omega 3 oils, so any fish or even supplements!
Day 11 to Day 21: Your skin is healthiest. However, the whole PMS, stress-hormone levels are high during this time so it produces oil but you know how to combat those already! Learn to relax to keep your skin clear, hydrate and exercise!

Day 22 to Day 28: Again, with the greasy and acne prone, your periods are coming and your face or body maybe showing it! Not to worry, just keep to a regular skin care routine and remember to use tea tree oil on your skin by spot treatment!

To all you ladies using birth control, give your body a break from hormones every three months! This is very important and often people forget to mention this, my OBGYN didn’t tell me and it has awful consequences you REALLY don’t want to deal with.

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