The Skin Cycle

So we all have that 9-5 or more often than not 8-7 daily schedule, so does our skin. We all know about cardiovascular health or neurological rhythms but we should give the same level of importance to our largest organ- the skin.

Your skin actually changes all day every single day and here is how:


You’re likely to have an allergic reaction in the morning rather than the afternoon, so if you’re eying any heavy serum- wait till it’s at least noon.

8 am: Your skin just woke up from a beautiful rejuvenating sleep, it’s very unlikely that it will absorb products so stay away from masks, serums, moisturizers that are meant for specific purposes (such as a vitamin C moisturizer). Your morning skin care should be simple, face wash, toner and beauty oil or simple moisturizer.

12 pm: The production of new skin is now at it’s lowest, oil production is at it’s highest so your T-zone maybe looking shinier than usual, and that’s okay! Carry around a toning or revitalizing spray with you wherever you go! I personally use the Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic. This just helps control sebum, especially if your skin is oily!

4 pm: Shocking, but the best time for nourishing masks and serums. A lot of us are at work but if you’re not or if you can, definitely the best time to put on that serum according to your face rhythm. I always apply my skin brightening serum (for those dark spots) followed by a cover of aloe vera gel which I wash off in 3 hours!

5pm-9pm: Best time for your steaming and other detoxification processes. Your pores are no more “open” (pores don’t actually have muscles to open and close, so this is just a saying but steaming loosens up underlying debris, making it easier to clean!)

9 pm onwards: your skin is now sensitive to histamine, which means itchy skin conditions may get a bit more testing. We often don’t follow this rule but it’s best to stay away from harsh acidic peels and scrubs. Water loss (or the Trans-epidermal water loss if you want to get specific) is high at night, so apply moisturizing cream and serums before you go to sleep! Sleeping masks are often great if you happen to not sleep like me (basically rolling over every two minutes in a fetal position). Any glycolic peels should be used at night and washed off immediately in the morning! Most importantly, wash your face, makeup or no makeup- wash your face, tone your face, take care of your skin at night. Skin cell renewal is high at night between 11 pm to 4 am so go to sleep by 11 pm if possible! The night is the best time for all skin care products, the skin is warmer at night which helps with absorption.

2 am: Your skin ODs on oil production at this point so apply a rich moisturizer before you actually sleep, and make sure it’s the right one for you! Don’t apply a moisturizer that’s too heavy or too light for you- it should be the right one for your specific needs! Do not over condition your skin. Your skin works at hard at night to regenerate itself, balance oil and sebum production, self-detox etc. Regular application of over indulgent night creams interferes with these tasks and over moisturization 24 hours a day sends a signal to the sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production, resulting in even drier skin that becomes addicted to these products just to maintain a normal look. You should apply products at night, but be sure not to overwhelm your skin.


8 am: Yep it repeats again, all day every day.

Hope you enjoyed learning something now and hopefully something you can share with others!

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