New Year, Yep Still Old Me

The reason I’m not a huge supporter of the “Near Year, New Me” slogan that bathes twitter, facebook and every other social media outlet on the 1st of January every new year is because it makes it seem like we can only change this one time. If you want to lose weight in October, you don’t need to wait till January. If you want to quit smoking in November, you can go throw that pack of Marlboro 27s in the trash right then and there instead of waiting for the new year. If on December 21st you want to start a new all vegan diet (a tad bit extreme but very helpful!), then just do it- you don’t need to wait!

But, who are we kidding, there are just some things that we all do on the first, and I’m going to write to your about those things. The sole reason I didn’t want to post something on the first is so that I could try them out and let you know how it actually works!

The things I’ve tried out include diet, exercise, cosmetics, skin care and to some part, education! Although I’m in middle of graduate school applications (very excited to actually go back into studying, it’s always been fun when I’m passionate about what I study), I will try to keep this going as often as I can!

That being said, happy new year everyone! Be the best you can be this year, give it your all this year!



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