Face Mapping

Here’s something, your body is literally telling you through your face what’s up inside. I first noticed this when I binge ate chocolate and all kinds of salubrious snacks (had a momentary holiday relapse which hopefully other people have as well but anyways) next day, I got acne on my forehead and here’s what I found about face mapping.

Forehead:  Liver. Poor digestion due to lack of water (I am constantly dehydrated, you should actually be having at least half a gallon a day- more water you drink, less your body will need to store so honestly you’re just helping yourself). To flush out toxins, go and drink some green tea (now green tea needs to be mildly steeped- especially if you hate the taste- and consumed immediately, not 20 minutes later).

T-Zone: Again with the Liver. Nose acne- liver, you stop with that alcohol and the fatty food, get right on the toxin cleanse and milk thistle! Your nose is also related to your heart, so make sure you check your blood pressure and ensure you’re having the correct diet (low sugar, sodium, no energy drinks etc.)

Around the eyes and ears: Kidneys. If you’re constantly getting dark circles even with enough sleep, there’s something wrong with your kidneys or you’re dehydrated.

Upper Cheeks: Lungs. Air pollution, external bacteria such as from phones or dirty pillows can do it! Keep yourself clean ya”ll!

Lower Cheeks: All in the mouth.Gums, mouth, sugary foods, oral hygiene is a must for lower cheek acne!

Chin:  Indigestion. It’s all linked to the small intestine. This can be fixed by staying away from dairy and oily products, have healthier eating habits!

Now, something that’s also very helpful for those who can’t always help it if they love milk or bacon or whatever your poison is- take supplements. I don’t mean those expensive ones from sephora, unless of course you can in which case good for you but the rest can always just look at the ingredients and just go on to amazon and order it for much cheaper!

For example: Activated Charcoal (Great for masks for acne, also helpful for those who feel constantly bloated), grape seed extract (great for skin, caudalie’s main secret weapon against acne), zinc (also great for acne), krill oil (amazing for acne and your health!), I’ll soon have an entire post related to this!



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