Firstly, happy turkey day ya”ll!

I’ve had a couple of people come and ask me about skin care routine and so I thought let me hit the basics:

Firstly, no matter how much you love make up- if you don’t have good skin, actually let me rephrase that, if you don’t take care of you skin (yes, you can still have acne and acne scars and take care of your skin), there’s no point in make up. A clean canvas, a perfect canvas is best for when you’re wearing make up! To get this clean canvas, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Cleanse. You may need to double cleanse if you have make up on. First with something to remove make up, and then with a cleanser. I prefer using a cleanser that’s perfect for my skin and meets my skins needs. I have a lot of dark spots so naturally I’m using a cleanser infused with Vitamin C. You must always cleanse your face. I don’t care how drunk or tired you are or if you’re about to collapse, always always sleep with a clean face because that’s when your skin does most of its regeneration.
  2. Tone. Do not use both toners and essence, use one of them. Personally, I use Raw Sauce by May Coop now but I’ve always sworn by just using rose water before. In my opinion, toners should be as natural as possible! No matter what they say, toners with alcohol (even if they do wonders now) will always harm your skin and more often than not harm the essential oils your skin needs to work properly. Toning also prevents any makeup residue to be left.
  3. Serum. I’ve always wondered, can we use more than one serum a day? The answer is maybe. If both your serums are for brightening (not the same as whitening) then sure, but be careful of how much vitamin C or whatever you use, read the ingredients, you don’t want to injure your skin! Currently I use Drunk Elephant at night and I will probably start using Caudalie’s Vinoperfecto  soon! Before, I’ve used Body Shop’s serums and frankly it barely worked on me so I’m always looking for something new!
  4. Moisturizer. I always use oils. Yes, I have combination/normal skin so I do tend to break out (because of hormones) and still I swear by oils. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, purely economical. I only use three drops of oil on my face, that’s it!!! It always feels light on me and I feel moisturized/hydrated the entire day. Secondly, after using a serum, an oil prevents anything from “escaping”, it all stays there and it’s a great way to prevent any blemishes or acne from occurring.  I’m a huge fan of the Laura Mercier’s rose oil! Not because of any other reasons than its’ ingredients. This is the most important thing. ALways, always do your research about your moisturizer, especially if you’re using a serum. I will go deeper into essential oils and what to use as time comes, but you should be aware of properties certain oils have. Moreover, make sure the moisturizer/oil is as natural as it can be. I will shortly do a post on chemicals constantly used that we have no idea about, but Google is very very handy in this case- make use of it!
  5. Masks. For those of you who are as obsessed with masks as I am, use them! However, try just stepping into your kitchen instead of dishing out $60 at sephora. Yes, glamglow is amazing, caudalie is amazing- but so are natural ingredients that cost about 1/16th of the price. I’ll give you a few recipes but I always two-three times a week just get a bowl, mix in some raw honey, turmeric, lemon and some activated charcoal- that’s all you really need! Not only is it easier on our credit card statements, it makes sense and is perfectly safe for everyone! I’ve had a few people try it and nothing has happened to them except their skin is glowing! Of course, for those who don’t want to spend time (the like 5 minutes it takes) on this, Caudalie, Glamglow, SKII, Fresh and even the Sephora Sheet masks are usually amazing!
  6. Sunscreen. When needed. Oh trust me, I hate this too. I always always avoided sunscreens and now I’m paying the price. Since humans are so adamant on destroying the ozone layer, sun rays are harming the skin in an even more advanced platform now. Sunscreen is just protection. No, no just when you’re going to the beach, even when you’re in your home, chilling.

That’s pretty much it on what a typical routine should be (however, you might want to make sure you’re not being too harsh on your skin! Don’t use too many chemicals. There are better ways of perfecting your skin.) Now, this of course can be expensive as hell, the Drunk Elephant Serum alone costs around $90. HOWEVER, (and here’s a fun tip and some good news!) you can always just go completely natural, step into your pantry or get the cheap good good from amazon! Stay tuned for the natural recipes, coming soon!

Happy cleansing!


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