The Jade Mask

The Jade Mask:

  1. Turmeric (1 tsp) (As natural as possible)
  2. Mint Leaves (10 leaves) (Yes, actual leaves, you know, the fresh ones?)
  3. Honey (3 tbsp) (And yes, I mean the natural stuff, and not too much because bees are dying and that’s really sad and very bad for humans but more on sustainability later)
  4. Lemon (1 whole lemon) (If you have sensitive skin then I’d stick to just 1/2)
  5. Essential oil of your choice (3-4 drops) (I usually add tea tree oil, personally works best for me but for this specific one the best alternatives would be lavender, sandalwood or tangerine)

Once the mixture above is made, chill it for a few minutes and then add the:

5. Activated Charcoal (you can buy these pills on amazon!)

End color: Jade-ish! Feel free to adapt as you need!

Mix well and apply on your face and neck and anywhere you want a glow and clarity!

Rinse it off (I usually put it on at night before showering) after 15-20 minutes. (Time may differ according to skin)

Disclaimer: Time varies according to person. Do NOT wear anything nice at all because as amazing as turmeric is for your skin (in fact in India, people always put it on their face on the day of their wedding) it is evil when it comes to clothes or anything really. This one time I put on the mask in the tub and my entire tub was light yellow (for which you have to use baking soda and detergent as I frantically googled before my mother got home and yelled for 102 minutes). So be in a towel or anything you don’t like to wear before using this mask and I hope you like it as much as me! Also, I usually steam my face for at least 10 minutes before applying any masks to open up my pores, make it more receptive to treatment, enhances circulation and honestly steaming is amazing!


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