Flawless: Acne

So I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who constantly gets pimples. Of course, I can’t complain, mine isn’t as bad as other people. So I thought maybe I’d try to see why this is happening and here’s what I got:

From the insides:

  • Going off birth control- something we should all do by the way, it’s really important for your body not to constantly be hopped up on hormones according to many gynecologists.
  • Natural products- your cleansers should be as natural as they can be! Of course your serums should be too, but understandably not everyone can have flawless skin from just using rose water.
  • Have a fruit/vegetable juice a day- make it yourself, it should be colorful so it can honestly be anything, I’ll put a few of my own recipes too!
  • No sugar- I have coffee almost every day, it’s hard but slowly you’re gonna have to wean off of sugar, dairy, shell fish, white flour and fried food. (At least 5 days a week!)
  • Face packs as much as you can! (They have to be natural of course, if you’re using a mask with chemicals in it then you’re going to want to alternate between products and limit it to twice, maybe thrice in 10 days.


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