I know it’s been a while (GRE’s are keeping me busy, I’ll never understand the need to judge intelligence just by math and english but oh well). I know it’s not what my blog is really supposed to be about (but it’s more important).

Like many others, I am saddened and devastated by the idea of a Trump’s shocking win. The fact that we went from President Barack Obama to President Donald Trump has caused a sensational whir of fear throughout myriad social platforms. It’s not the idea of Donald Trump, his campaign was focused on a specific demographic and that’s who he was trying to win over- and he did. His demographics as well all know are full of hatred, pessimism and a fear of peace and equality. However, there are some people who just wanted someone who diverted from the establishment. Ironic, since he did not win the popular vote but won because of the electoral college. Anyways, this post is not about Donald Trump. Although I would have preferred seeing the first female president as opposed to the first president infamous for his “grab them by the p***y” rhetoric- there is no changing it. In a democracy, someone always loses. I think, perhaps, Donald Trump may actually prove to be an okay president. It is important to realize that all the millions of people who voted for him, they were always there. Their sexism, their racism, their ableism, their homophobia, their transphobia, their xenophobia have always been patent and deplorable. It’s important now more than ever to protect yourselves. It’s important now more than ever to speak up for others. If the results of this election doesn’t intimidate you- you have privilege, there’s no other way of saying it. As someone who has a lot of friends who are in the LGBTQ community, muslim community from the “ghetto” as Donald Trump puts it- I fear for them and their lives. I fear that more than half of an entire nation doesn’t realize that Black Lives Matter, that women are equal to men, that only a microscopic proportion of muslims are terrorists, the sexual assault is and always will be a sickening and dehumanizing crime.

There is no changing anything, but do what we can do. As a man, speak the ideals that you believe are righteous. Speak against sexual assault or “locker room talk”. As a privileged person (man, woman, other) especially due to the system that has led to this luck, speak up. Speak up against racism, speak up against bigotry, speak up for those who keep getting silenced. Realize your privilege, check yourself and then help those who are being silenced. If you have a voice that can be heard easily, speak up. Speak up for those who are scared their mother will be deported. Speak up for those who didn’t cross the border, but the border crossed them. Speak up for those whose lives and houses have been destroyed and have to seek asylum elsewhere. Speak up for women who are scared to walk alone at night, fearing that the next POTUS might have implicitly pardoned all acts of sexual assault.

Stand up for each other. Share this message again and again. Say it louder for those with selective hearing. Recognize your privilege. You all have rights, you all have opportunities, maybe not today- but carry the work the Obama reign has worked so hard to manicure to perfection, educate yourselves, respect those who aren’t and most of all put yourself in someone else’s shoe. 

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