Sorry Workout

Well I’m sure by now you all heard “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Not a huge huge fan but great workout song!

What you need? Yourself (a well stretched, preferably walked) and a mat (optional, I don’t really use it but then again I often slip)

Start at 0:12

0:13- 0:32- Squat Pulses (8 reps)

0:33-0:51:  Sumo Squats Leg Lifts (After you bend down in your sumo squat, keep your hand on your waist or in front of you and lift each leg as high as possible, as fast as possible while staying as low as you can!)

0:52-1:10- High Knees (I absolutely hate this one but gotta do it!)

1:11-1:30- Alternating Lunges (end on the floor!)

1:31- 1:35- Rest (that’s right, you get 4 seconds off, how nice am I?)

1:35- 1:53- Cat position (the Yoga one ya”ll, once you get into the cat position, do it slowly, making sure your breathing is right!)

1:54-2:03- Rest (Get into plank position, this one’s gonna be awful I warn you)

2:04-2:33- Knee Plank

2:34- 3:12- Full Plank

3:13- 3:25- Get into fetal yoga position ( as long as you want really)



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