Semicolon Project

A semicolon is used when a writer or an author could have chosen to finish a sentence, but chose not to. You are the author of your own life. You write on your own stories. We don’t use our voices enough. We see someone else going through a problem, a situation we ourselves probably faced- but more often than not, we don’t say anything, we can’t.

The semicolon project, is to remind everyone that the story keeps going on. That you’re all warriors. That your silence doesn’t represent your lack of strength. For those abused, those depressed, those who are anxious, those who are bullied, those who constantly thought

“When is this going to end? This feeling I have?”

This feeling that physically pulls us away from what we believe we are. The feeling that follows you like a shadow, a dark companion- always.

But this feeling passes. Whether it’s a broken heart or a broken soul- one day you will find the glue to stick it all back together. One day you’ll realize you’re the warrior that you are. That day is the day you choose yourself. That day is the day you realize your worth, how wonderful you all are, and all you have to offer to the world and to others going through the exact same thing. I know, I get it. End of the day, you just have to keep going. And those of you who have no idea what it is I’m talking about, put yourself in the shoes of others. Those who have anxiety, those prone to depression, those who have to overcome things many are fortunate not to even deal with. This one’s for all of you.


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