Intro to Foundation 101

Foundation, simple right? After primer, before concealer? You got that, right? Okay great!

Now for those of you who have flawless make up, good! Go away, because this is a 101.

You’re born with it. You can’t choose your skin color. So please don’t bleach or constantly keep tanning whether it’s through products or South Beach. The alternative is NOT darker or lighter foundation. I’m gonna try to be as diplomatic as I possibly can. Nothing looks worse than someone with a foundation that’s even an inch of a shade away from their skin tone. This includes:

  • Foundation that’s lighter or darker
  • Foundation that has a different undertone
  • Foundation that’s for warm skin tones if you have a cool skin tone (vice versa)

Now I’m not going to go all Kim Kardashian and say that “wearing the wrong foundation is the worst thing in this world” because there’s about 16.83 million things which are worse but it’s pretty bad.

So a lot of my acquaintances say they actually don’t know much about make up, so I thought I’d just write a basic 101!


Stick (Both)- Simple, straightforward, pigmented, buildable coverage.

Liquid (Winter)- Most common, straightforward, comes in a range of coverages including sheer, full and medium.

Mousse (Depends, Winter)- Not as common but very straightforward, often highly pigmented, often with a lot of moisture and buildable coverage.

Spray (Both)- Possibly the best but also the most expensive and least long-lasting. Buildable coverage, pigmented, smooth and simple. Often, gets messy but great for special occasions!

Pressed-powder (Summer)- Can also be used as powder, great when paired with any other foundation type. Buildable coverage, not as long-lasting as other alternatives, great for the summer!

Serum (Winter)- Not much coverage, often a radiance finish, highly moisturizing.

Multipurpose (Both)- Literally can be used for anything, with anything, as anything, buildable coverage, possibly the most pigmented!

[All available of course at Sephora]

They’re all perfect and depend on your skin type which I will go into later! Personally, all of the above mentioned foundation types work perfectly on me and never become cakey (as foundation never should!) I usually use a combination of all the above! I use liquid as a base, spray for areas on my t-zone which get oily fast and then stick and pressed powder. Now it sounds like I just used 4 layers of foundation, but I will show you later how I don’t like I swam in a pool of MAC foundation.

Now the basic rules of choosing a foundation:

  • Quality over everything: Don’t buy something because of its’ price or brand or because someone suggested it, try it on yourself, walk around and come back if it suits you. This is a product that will be on your face for hours- make sure its’ the best one for you!
  • Don’t play name games: Chanel or Burberry- sometimes it’s not for you, sometimes it’s not even the best thing available about there!
  • Use your face, not your hand: That’s right, your hand and your face have different undertones and often skin tones. Always, always try  it on your face. If someone suggests a tone for you, always take a tone below and a tone above and try those on by doing a patch test on your skin to make sure you have the right one! If I’m trying to get a Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick and I see that the shade “golden natural” is similar to my skin tone, I would also try on “Warm Natural”, “Natural Tan”, “Honey” and “Warm Honey”. I would try on Sometimes your undertone can be very tricky, for example, I have olive-golden undertones, which means my foundations can’t be too yellow or orange!
  • My Foundation Rule: Now I myself used to do this, and nearly all of my friends- some who claim that it’s their calling- always over do it. You can easily carry blotting papers or powder in your bag, don’t cake make up on yourself! The more natural you look, the more radiant your look will be, the more your skin will be able to breathe.
  • ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP: Basically, ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP! Not with those neutrogena wipes, with a proper makeup remover (the more natural, the better!)’
  • Note to my beautiful girls of color: Unfortunately, (and some day I plan to change this) there are less available tones and shades in our skin tones, so make sure to figure out your undertone, whether your skin is warm or cool if you want that perfect foundation to melt perfectly into your skin!
  • Honestly, work on your skin and save yourself the $20-$60 bucks you’d spend on foundation! 



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