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Now, anyone who knows me knows I’m lazy. I am, can’t help it. Once I pretended to be sick just to get my mother to come shut the lights because I was so comfortable on my bed, in my defense I’m a LEO and lions (I was in shock when I saw this in a safari) but are the laziest animals on this planet. They just lie there under the tree watching the lionesses kill shit.

However, me being lazy doesn’t mean I don’t love that pain I get when I do 300 crunches! Having a spine injury, I have to be careful but (you won’t believe this until you do it for a week straight) it’s fun and it’s working towards something. You just need to find a pace, make a schedule and just do it! It’s not hard, and I find that pushing yourself helps but not to a ridiculous amount that you can’t maintain daily.

After possibly years of being idle, it’s hard to just dive into exercise, especially with injuries. Now, many people get confused by this notion but they’re either morons or can’t possibly imagine being in our shoes. Not everyone is born an athlete, not everyone likes to sweat, not everyone has the same level of energy but for those who are making a difference, who are making a choice to change for the better–kudos to you, you have more strength than an athlete because you’re choosing to do something you don’t love or have  a passion for (but you soon will).

I started off with a simple walking for an hour daily– got myself a fit bit and due to my highly competitive nature, I keep trying to increase my daily steps and it helps (being in competition with yourself). This isn’t a particularly hard thing to do, walking, you can just walk instead of taking the subway, or walk while you listen to podcasts or music or (I’m guilty of this) listening to an audiobook of the book you’re supposed to read for class or whatever. I choose to go with music, of course. A week after, I saw some results, my jeans were a bit loose. Walking is great for thighs and overall fat loss (just like swimming), it tones the entire body. Since I didn’t want any visible cellulite, I started doing some extra workouts every single day. I’ve had as many trainers as Emily Gilmore has had maids (Gilmore Girl reference, basically she’s had a plethora) thus I still remember some sort of regime, but I use Zova Premium (the app, there are tons of other apps, and tons of free apps that are full of short exercises which tend to be excruciatingly painful the following day). I usually do 2-3 pf the workouts they have every day focusing mostly on glutes (because I am very sassy, and need an ass to match the level of my sassiness), thighs and core! Everyone knows what they need to focus on!

A typical workout for me now would be:

  • Walking for 45 minutes (I walk around the complex I live in so I take a circle around and then back to my house! I also keep drinking lemon water throughout the entire workout)
  • Dance to a song, it can literally be any song, although lately I’ve been favoring Fade (Teyana Taylor’s body actually gives me LIFE) and Worth It (Fifth Harmony). If you go on YouTube there are TONS of amazing choreographers that you can just watch and copy (kind of as a free Zumba!) some of my favorites are 1 Million Dance Studio and honestly any Zumba choreography! I do this kind of as a warm up and also I love to dance so it doesn’t hurt!

2-3 workouts for example:

  • Anywhere Abs by Zova:
    1. Knee Plank- 1 minute
    2. Mermaid Pushups- 8 reps
    3. Sit- Up ( I do crunches because they’re easier on my back)- 20s
    4. Sphinx Plank- 8 reps
    5. Heel Taps (Fast)- 30s
    6. Glute Bridge- Double Leg- 10 reps
    7. Twisting Plank- 8 reps
    8. Single-Arm Trciep Push-Ups – 8 reps per side
    9. Transverse Mountain Climbers- 30 seconds
    10. Russian Twist (sounds like a drink, I know)- 45 seconds
    11. Cross Body Crunches- 8 reps
  • Glute Power by Zova :
    1. Wide Squat- 8 reps
    2. Squat to Side Leg Lift (my favorite!) – 8 reps
    3. Side Lunge (Abhor this one)- 8 reps
    4. Capoeira Lunges (Brazilians know how to screw you)- 8 reps
    5. Squat Pulses (Fast- you thought it would be a sarcastic comment didn’t you?)- 30 seconds
    6. Crescent Lunge To Raise- 10 reps per side
    7. Split Jump to Star- 8 reps
    8. Standing Calm Raises- 15 reps
    9. Pendulum Lunge (Alternating)- 10 reps
    10. Squad to Standing Crunch- 10 reps
  • Arm & Oblique Focus by Zova:
    1. Modified Side Plank- 45 seconds per side (Longest 45 seconds of your  life)
    2. Triceps Pulses (Knees) – 20 seconds
    3. Plank- 45 seconds
    4. Push-Up (Knees)- 8 reps
    5. Rest 10 seconds (Lol, because this clearly helps)
    6. Then literally do everything else again! (Just from these, so the vast array of planks)

I’ll keep adding the ones I do!

So it seems easy, but it actually feels like someone is stabbing my thighs after I’m done since I rarely worked out before! I have mild insomnia so this workout really helps tire you out so you can sleep well! I suggest you find your own app (Zova of course, I love and am obsessed with!) and just do it! If you do happen to have a medical condition like I do (for example an injured lumbar disc or anything like that) ALWAYS research what you’re not supposed to do!

And since I know as my closest friends who are athletes always say “but you can do so much more” but don’t listen to others, you know your body’s limit– do not push it and then lay on your bed wallowing in pain the next day (something I’ve also done before), just do a little every day! Even 30 minutes walking is more than you’d normally do and it honestly (to my dismay because my father has been telling me for the past ten years and I always thought it was apocryphal and I hate proving him right!) works wonders! (Seriously, my thighs for the first time in years look less thunder-y)


  1. Samantha

    I think I am going to be following your work out plan because I used to hate gym but since I started it a year ago, I keep doing it on and off because I get lazy and shit, but seeing this, I feel motivated and besides this month I have been like a workout freak and doing intermittent fasting which is working. I have dropped down a dress size 🙌🏾. I feel even more motivated after reading this post.


    1. itsflabulousme

      Well good thing is we’ve got each other to motivate each other! I just do it when I’m pretty much frustrated, and it takes maybe like 40 mintues and I’m sweating and done and I’ve listened to music! I’m so glad you dropped a dress size, that’s so motivating because I’m actually super duper lazy so this really helps! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Samantha

        I am happy I have found someone who motivates me too and darling on the lazy part, you and me are just the same. I once asked my brother to come hand me my laptop when it was at the end of my bed while I was just lying on it.


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