Rosmarinus x Officinalis

I know what you’re thinking, that’s the name of the Roman Secretary of State from 1008 AC. Pretty much what I was thinking after learning the latin name of rosemary.

Let me tell you a bit about my girl rosemary, she’s a mediterranean native. She loves cleaning and is full of carnosic acid thus super helpful as an antioxidant and an anti inflammatory. (Okay, I tried to do the whole personification of rosemary, but it’s getting very hard when I have to say stuff like she stimulates blood circulation but back to my main point.) Rosemary stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation but enough about that right? How can WE use it?

[Note: Dilute the oil well)

  • Skin & Hair Tonic: Great for hair loss and balancing pH!
  • Anti-aging: Reduces inflammation and prevents premature cell death!
  • Massage: You may often find a lot of massages having rosemary, and those are the best because of its properties that stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Need some mental space? Got Headaches?: Rosemary (or well tincture which is basically just strained rosemary and vodka) will help with this, it also is supposed to help clear the mind! It’s supposedly great for those who are tired, lethargic or often deal with jet lag!
  • GERD: So I have this infuriating disease called GERD, which is very common and rosemary is actually awesome for heartburn, gas, gastritis.


Rosemary Essential Oil is actually very common to find and awesome for the hair! Especially those dealing with dry scalp, dandruff and hair loss! Also, very useful for pretty much everything I just listed above.

Kill em! (Literally, rosemary is an insect repellent helpful with like lice and stuff, so lit-er-all-y kill em)



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