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So this blog is inspired and dedicated to someone spectacular and fabulous- me. Or well, you. It takes a fair amount of time for the general population to learn that you, yourself, will always be your own best friend. Some of us are notorious (including myself) for not having had our own backs, but we change- we grow. You should always have your own back, you should always be your favorite person. This is not just another blog or project for me, this is my life, my passion. I have put my life on hold to take care of my best friend, to take care of my body and my health. Regardless of other opinions, this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made- a decision others don’t have the liberty of making, a decision that comes from a need of self-reverence (which let’s just be honest is a fancy way of saying narcissistic and self-love).

As someone who smeared lipstick all over my face when I was five (I got much better at it, I might add), I was always obsessed with beauty. Beauty as I saw it, of course. Not as its definition of “properties pleasing the eye”- there was much more to beauty than what initially met the eye. Although, as a cosmetic fanatic I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say it doesn’t matter because of course it does. However, beauty is and always will be in the eye of the beholder. We should not succumb to standards created by warped, traditionally Eurocentric beauty ideals and notions. Recently, I saw an advertisement about “skin lightening” while you use shaving creams (in other words, let’s bleach your damn skin while we get rid of your hair!) and it seems barbaric but that’s where the world is headed- a direction in which they make people feel uncomfortable in their own skin- and that’s how I’ve felt for a significant portion of my life until of course I decided to refuse to succumb to those ideals. My idea of beauty is becoming increasingly more towards radiance. A good highlighter will always get you that glow, but there is a vast arsenal of essential oils and natural remedies to give you the “real” radiance.

People are so haste in passing judgement, often to complete strangers who they perceive as beautiful due to their unfathomably ridiculous notions of beauty.  People seem to forget that there’s more to health than just weight. People forget that there’s more to acne than someone who doesn’t take care of their skin. And unless this person passing judgement has a particular proclivity of deducing a strangers’ lipid profile just by glancing at their love handles or thighs for thirteen seconds- you have no idea who is healthy and who isn’t. Health is in your blood, literally. That should be everyone’s goal- health, healthy is beautiful. Now I know most people aren’t reading this, so this is more a set of “guidelines” for me rather than wisdom from a 22 year old. Of course, I do have a vast arsenal of rapier wit and I thought maybe I can share it all. In addition to a change in diet, exercise, sleep, cosmetics and skin care patterns, I’ve also spent a lot of time (when I’m not studying or learning about other things) reading about natural products- about working with both nature and with what science has to offer. While I write this, I know there are people in the same predicament. Not necessarily exactly the same with PCOS or GERD but people who have been told that they have some “flaw” or are different- and to those people, congratulations, what the hell (trying to watch the profanities) is so fun about being the same? (except in the parent trap way- that sounds pretty fun)

In a nutshell (sincere apologies to those who had to read all of that just to get an in a nutshell) I’ll be writing about a lot of different things (it will be lowkey bipolar I warn you now, but all useful- or at least that’s the hope) including natural ingredients, natural face masks, DIY bath bombs, cosmetics, diet, what exercises to do (especially those who have spine problems!), an abundance of acerbic and sarcasitc comments and a ton of other stuff, stay tuned and spread the word to anyone you think could benefit from this. I’ve spent what feels like years immersing myself into all this so I hope you enjoy!

[Also since everyone gets sued every two minutes, not every single thing is going to be mine, I’ve done a great deal of research and that will seep its way onto my writing while I rant about the benefits of primroses or how amazing a specific concealer or planking or walnuts are- I understand the importance of attention being given where its’ due- trust me.]


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